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Mobile Check Deposit


Make a deposit via smart phone, flatbed scanner or iPad!
Here's how to sign up:

  1. Sign Agreement (Click for Agreement) via this Secure Email Link. (Must be a signer on Account.)
  2. We will contact you to verify accounts and limits.
  3. You will receive your Username and Password via 2 separate emails. (One from Foundation Bank and one from
  4. Download the FREE App from iTunes Store or Android Marketplace for the Smart Phone or iPad.  (Carrier’s data transfer fees may apply.)
  5. 5. Start making deposits!

>>To access Scanner application login to .

Make a Deposit in 1 of 2 ways:

Smart Phone or iPad

1. Endorse your check
2. Log into our App
3. Select Deposit
4. Enter check amount, select account
5. Two camera clicks – front and back
6. Submit!

Flatbed Scanner

1. Endorse your check
2. Log into your computer and access the application
3. Select your deposit account
4. Enter the total # of checks and total deposit amount
5. Scan front and back
6. Submit!

User Manuals

Smart Phone
Flatbed Scanner


Q. How do I download the Mobile Check Deposit App?

A. From the iTunes Store (iPhone) or Android Marketplace (Android), type 'Foundation Bank Deposit' into the search feature.  Select 'Foundation Bank Deposit' and continue with your typical App download process.

Q. I want to change my Password.  How do I do that?

A. Login to the App.  For an Android Phone select the Menu tool on the phone and choose Change Password.  For an iPhone, select the “i” symbol and choose Change Password.

Q. Can I reset my locked or forgotten Password?

A. Call the Bank during regular business hours to have your Password reset. 

Q. What types of checks cannot be deposited using Mobile Check Deposit?

A. Traveler's Checks cannot be deposited using Mobile Check Deposit.

Q. Will my deposited checks appear in my online banking transaction listing?

A. Yes.  Once the check has cleared, the transaction with image will appear in your Online Banking Transaction Listing screen.

Q. How long should I keep the original endorsed check? 

A. For a minimum of two weeks (14 days), and then dispose/shred according to the Agreement.

Q. How do I select a different account for my deposit?

A. Smart Phone - On the deposit entry screen, depending on your type of phone, either select the account number currently displayed and a scroll menu will appear (iPhone), or use the drop down arrow next to the account number displayed and select the radial button of the account (Android).   Flatbed Scanner -  After you select 'Create Deposit', the first item on the 'Prepare a Deposit' screen is to select the account for your deposit.  Use the drop down arrow next to the displayed account number to select a different account.

Q. How late in the day can I scan a check for deposit? 

A. Same Day if before 6:00pm (Pacific) on a Bank business day.  

Q. Can I use my commercial copier to scan a check instead of using a flatbed scanner?

A. A commercial copier, in most cases, is not compatible and would need special programming and configuration to enable this access.  Please contact your copy machine vendor to discuss your options.