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Business Credit Products

VISA Business Credit Cards

Businesses can provide authorized employees with a VISA Business Platinum credit card for making purchases.  This eliminates the need to issue checks for travel expenses or other company purchases.  It can be used anywhere VISA is accepted!   

Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit

Lines of credit allow you to manage your cash flow and control your borrowing while maintaining the flexibility to pay expenses or take advantage of special opportunities.  Our experienced bankers can help you analyze your needs and our local management team can make quick decisions to get your business moving quickly.  

  • Our simplified application saves paperwork and time.
    (Larger requests require prior year tax returns)  
  • Term Loans are fully amortizing with fixed repayment dates.  Automatic payments ease your monthly paperwork.
  • By using the equity in your personal or commercial real estate, our secured Line of Credit provides you the flexibility and access to cash when you need it.  
Commercial Real Estate Loans

Term loans to purchase or refinance business properties (owner and non-owner occupied) can be tailored to meet your financing needs that include both fixed and variable interest rate options with terms ranging from 5 to 25 year amortizations.

Construction Loans

Foundation Bank can finance a wide variety of construction projects, from single or multi-family residential to owner-occupied commercial buildings and tenant improvements.

SBA Loans

Foundation Bank can help clients turn their vision into reality by offering SBA programs that assist businesses to build and grow within the community.  A few of the many benefits include:

  • Loans approved quickly
  • Small Business knowledge & experience
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Minimal down payment, as low as 10%
  • Competitive fixed and variable rates
  • Loans may be assumable